Welcome to Get To Know Barcelona!

Do you want to get to know Barcelona? In an interactive, exciting and challenging way? 

You have come to the right place! 

Welcome to the nicest puzzle hunt in Barcelona. A walking tour that can be done in the morning or afternoon, where you will learn everything about our favorite barrio in Barcelona, El Born! 

However, Get To Know Barcelona is not just a walking tour. It is a treasure hunt, where you'll answer questions, solve crosswords and other puzzles, and wander through the narrow streets of Barcelona in the middle ages.

Travel in time from the founding of Barcelona and learn everything about knights, hatmakers and the Catalan culture. Challenge your friends, colleagues or family to become the winner!

The puzzle hunt takes about 2 hours, and covers around 1.5 kilometers. At least two participants required. Starting from €10 per person.


Interested? Book here or call/whatsapp to +34 603 135 640 (Anna)

NEW: Are you visiting Barcelona with kids? Book the kids version of Get To Know Barcelona! 

Get To Know Barcelona puzzlehunt


Solve puzzles, answer interesting  questions and discover the most beautiful spots of El Born! 

Starting from:

€10 pp

Get To Know Barcelona kids treasure hun


Go treasure hunting through El Born, dressed as knight, princess or nobleman. 

Starting from:

€10 pp