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What I love about El Born

So, there is the puzzle hunt. Through "my" barrio, or neighborhood, El Born. In my opinion the nicest barrio of Barcelona. Why? I'll tell you!

Erik and I have not been living in Barcelona for very long. However, in the first week already, I noticed that the people in my street got to knew us. That might be because our daughter is the cutest ever, but I tend to believe that they are open, kind and generous people, that don't mind the constant changing of their expat neighbors. They have seen El Born change over the last years, but they can still look at it as their old barrio, the one that they have chosen to live in.

On Saturday, we were visiting Bodega El Born, around our corner in Carrer dels Mirallers. It was the first time, which was kind of strange, since we live next door to it. We absolutely loved it. Great food and wine, great atmosphere and very nice owners. So nice, that yesterday I walked home after picking up Lynne from daycare, and someone called me. "Hola vecina!" (Hi neighbor!). It was the owner of Bodega El Born, who recognized me even after 1 visit!

This is not the only person around here that knows us. When I walk to the supermarket, I have to stop at at least 5 shops to have a little chat with the owners. The guy from the farmácia, the hairdresser, the restaurant owners.. I love it! It makes me feel so welcome and at home!

Besides this homey feeling, El Born has a lot to offer to visitors as well. There is literally something to see on every street corner. Decorated houses, special street tiles, a pretty church, a lovely square. A park around the corner, the beach within a 15-min walk, playgrounds, bars, restaurants, terraces.. What more could a person wish for?

Things I love about El Born
What I love about El Born

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