So, what is a puzzle hunt?

Allright, you reached this website and you have been browsing around, coming to the point where you think: "Yeah, this is nice and all, but uuuh...what ís a Puzzle Hunt?" 

No worries, we'll tell you..

Wikipedia uses the following definition: 

"A рuzzlehunt or a puzzle hunt is a puzzle game, where teams compete to solve a series of puzzles at a particular site, in multiple sites or via the internet."

It doesn't happen often, but in this case we believe Wikipedia. The Get To Know puzzle hunt is indeed a game, that you can also play in pairs, where the goal is to get as much points as possible. You can get points by answering questions, solving puzzles, crosswords and other tasks and games. The goal is to reach the end point of the tour, while scoring more points than the competition. At the end point, a nice surprise awaits you. 

The puzzles and questions are fun, but also teach you something. After you have completed the Get To Know puzzle hunt, you'll know a lot more about the history of Barcelona, over Catalan culture and you'll have discovered some of the nicest secrets spots in El Born. Ánd you'll have had a fun morning or afternoon! Win-Win! We will meet you guys at the start of the tour and let you off on your own after our "introductory speech". So, you'll decide on your own pace; want to get coffee or lunch (or wine) in the meantime? Want to take a detour to pass your hotel? You are the boss, you decide!

If you have more questions on the concept of a puzzle hunt, ór specifically about Get To Know Barcelona? You can always send us a message or call Anna on +34 603135640 

See you soon in El Born, see you soon at Get To Know Barcelona!